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Distinguished and Famous people from Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay: Overview

Jurien Bay is a coastal town located in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. Situated approximately 220 kilometers north of Perth, it boasts stunning beaches, pristine waters, and is a popular tourist destination.

Famous People Associated with Jurien Bay

1. Phil Edman

Phil Edman is a notable politician who was born in Jurien Bay. He served as a Member of the Western Australian Legislative Council from 2009 to 2017 for the South Metropolitan Region.

2. Andrew Strijker

Andrew Strijker is a well-known artist hailing from Jurien Bay. His artistic talent has gained recognition both nationally and internationally, and his works often showcase the beautiful landscapes and seascapes of the region.

3. Brent Staker

Brent Staker, born in Jurien Bay, is a prominent former Australian rules footballer. He had a successful career playing for the West Coast Eagles and the Brisbane Lions in the Australian Football League (AFL).

4. Julian Wright

Julian Wright is a professional surfer who grew up in Jurien Bay. He has competed in various national and international surfing events, showcasing his exceptional skills on the waves.

5. Tammy Van Wisse

Tammy Van Wisse, another popular name associated with Jurien Bay, is an accomplished marathon swimmer. She gained worldwide recognition after completing remarkable swimming feats, including a solo swim across the English Channel.

6. Sarah McMahon

Sarah McMahon, born in Jurien Bay, is a talented actress who has appeared in numerous Australian television dramas and films. Her notable roles include performances in award-winning productions, contributing to the entertainment industry's success.

Although Jurien Bay is a relatively small town, it has produced several distinguished individuals who have excelled in their respective fields.

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